St. Anthony Bulletin Brief

The biggest news pieces from the weekly bulletin as well as extras we thought you would want to see:

SATURDAY MASS TIME CHANGE: Beginning October 3rd, Saturday Mass time will change to 4 p.m. for Sacred Heart and 6 p.m. for St. Anthony.

Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship is the teaching document of the U.S. Catholic Bishops on the political responsibility of Catholics. It provides guidance for all who seek to exercise their rights and duties as citizens. As Catholics, we bring the richness of our faith to the public square. We draw from both faith and reason as we seek to affirm the dignity of the human person and the common good of all. Everyone living in this country is called to participate in public life and contribute to the common good. As Catholics, we are part of a community with profound teachings that help us consider challenges in public life, contribute to greater justice and peace for all people, and evaluate policy positions, party platforms, and candidates’ promises and actions in light of the Gospel in order to help build a better world. Learn more at

From our Bishop Zinkula:

The Davenport Diocese Annual Diocesan Appeal:

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One thought on “St. Anthony Bulletin Brief

  1. Gp tp and watch the video by Father James Altman. In regards to this “forming consciences for Faithful Citizenship. Titled “you cannot be a Catholic and a Democrat. Period. >

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