The biggest news pieces from the weekly bulletin as well as extras we thought you would want to see:

You’re invited! Join other women and some of the best female Catholic speakers from around the country for The Catholic Moms Summit, a free online conference which will be held on November 13-15. Conference topics will include practical step-by-step advice on parenting, marriage, work, health, prayer and more!
You can attend for free during the days of the event or purchase an all-access pass which gives you access to the presentations any time during or after the event. For more information and to register, visit

Each year our parish gives a percentage of its budget to support local charities, which the Social Action Committee distributes through a grant process. If you know of any charities that serve residents of Marion County that should be considered for this year’s funds please contact Laura Hollinrake at or 641-842-5267 by November 4. These charitable donations are in addition to money given through special collections (e.g. Catholic Charities), emergency collections (e.g. hurricane and earthquake relief), and Rice Bowl. Local charities that have received grants in the past include Neighbor Helping Neighbor, Helping Hands, Birthright, Impact Community Action, Crisis Intervention Services, Habitat for Humanity, and Freedom for Youth.

During the month of November, we are called to remember all of our deceased loved ones in prayer, and this year, St. Anthony is doing so in a Book of Remembrance. We’re requesting you share with us the names of your deceased loved ones, so they may be included in our Book as well as in the Prayers of the Faithful and our personal prayers during the month of November. This includes all those who are deceased, not only those who have passed recently.

To have your loved ones included, you can:

  • Email the names of those you want included, with the subject “Book of Remembrance“, to us at
  • Call the church office at (641) 828-7050 and tell Amanda, or leave a voicemail, mentioning the “Book of Remembrance” and who you would like to have in the book.
  • Write the name(s) on a piece of paper, mentioning “Book of Remembrance“, and leave it in the offertory basket at the church.

We’d love to pray with you and for your departed loved ones; please share their names with us and we’ll make sure they’re in our book!

To read the rest of the weekly bulletin, click here.

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