The activity of a parish should be centered on continuing the mission and ministry of Jesus. Our committees are an integral part of our parish community and are open to new members!

The following short reports are from meetings throughout the winter months:

Parish Council

Chairperson: Barb Anderson

  • Parish Council met on Jan 13th. Most of our time focused on communicating with other committees about kitchen & hall remodel ideas and preparing for construction. We also look forward to hearing more about a diocesan evangelization idea that asks parishioners to take others out for coffee.

Finance Council

Chairperson: Jim Smith

Meeting from January 18:

  • No meeting in December. At the January meeting, it was decided to sell all investments in TDA to have the cash on hand for the kitchen remodel. We have had several meetings for the remodel with our contractor and builders and are now waiting for final OK from the diocese to get started.
  • We need a new member of Finance Council. If interested, please contact Fr. Anstey or Jim Smith.

Altar & Rosary Committee

Chairperson: Marilee Richardson

  • At the November meeting on November 3rd, 2021 we discussed alternative fundraising ideas because we could not host the Annual Turkey Dinner in 2021.
  • It was agreed by all to donate $45,000.00 to the kitchen remodel project from Altar & Rosary funds.
  • The Altar & Rosary Christmas party was held at Baggio’s Italian restaurant (Dutch treat) on December 1, 2021. A good time was had by all. Twenty were present.
  • The January 2022 meeting was canceled because of very cold temperatures and wind.
  • The February 2022 meeting was held on February 2, 2022. Five members were present, again it was very cold. The main item was to decide on a date and time to pack up the kitchen as the anticipated kitchen remodel is scheduled to begin in the middle of February. Members decided that Friday, February 4th at 8:00 a.m. was the date and time to begin. A group email was sent to all members with an invitation to join in on this project. Ten women worked and had fun together and packed up the kitchen within 2 hours. Four members of the Bldg. & Grounds committee helped with the heavy lifting of this job and the moving of boxes to the Pods on the parking lot. The following day, Saturday, February 5th I went back to the hall with Roy and joined the Liturgy Committee to finish getting the boxes out of the hall and into the Pod. By 10:30 a.m. the church hall was once again in respectable condition for Faith Formation to gather on Sunday.

Liturgy Committee

Chairperson: Dc. Tom Hardie

  • No report

Buildings & Grounds Committee

Chairperson: Duane Deutsch

  • Building and Grounds had a January meeting the third Tuesday of the month to discuss plumbing and drywall repairs were completed still need to find time for phone line and electric in. Rectory gable end has been put on hold till spring. A lot of time has been put on kitchen remodel; bid was accepted by committee. February meeting will be held if needs arise, that will be the way for the future and probably be held over Zoom with the construction beginning. Roy and Paul started to break down our part of the kitchen demolition, 2/7/22. There will be no use of kitchen appliances by the end of the week.

Cemetery Committee (meets quarterly)

Chairperson: Mike O’Brien

  • Met on Jan. 26 to discuss the donation of 0.4 acres of land for the cemetery from Jerry Murphy which will have to be surveyed. Also discussed spraying, mowing, and plots being sold.

Faith Formation Committee

Chairperson: Pat Finan

  • The commission met Feb. 9. An update was shared about monthly faith formation gatherings, sacramental preparation, and youth ministry. There are six children preparing for Reconciliation and First Eucharist. We have five youth preparing for Confirmation; they enjoyed speaking with Bishop Zinkula on Feb. 6. We’ve had positive feedback on our monthly all-ages gatherings. The commission discussed the faith formation leadership role with a parishioner who is discerning what they might take on. We also discussed some creative ways to engage young people. The commission welcomes new members, as well as the input of parishioners. If you’d like to share what you’re hungry for in terms of faith growth, or have ideas to add vibrancy to our parish, contact Pat Finan at 641-230-1036 or

Family Life Committee

Chairperson: Mary Hanna

  • Family Life has not met, but will be a part of the work for Dale Mallory’s First Mass.

Social Action Committee

Chairperson: Pat Finan

  • The holiday food drives went well, gathering more than a half-ton of food for Helping Hands. These efforts help meet an important need for food (especially high-protein items) after the holidays. The Social Action commission soon will review applications from non-profits for financial help from our parish. We will launch our Lenten Rice Bowl effort February 26-27.

Stewardship Committee/ Church Life Committee

Chairperson: Mary Hanna

  • The Church Life Committee has been a part of the Dale Mallory First Mass Committee. We have done some preliminary work in finding an alternate venue and caterer in case the kitchen is not completed. The budget has been supported by the finance council and the theme and decorations are being discussed. Dale’s First Mass will be Sunday, June 5 at St. Anthony and we are hoping for a good crowd of parishioners to support him.

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