34th Week in Ordinary Time

Review your family’s Advent traditions

  • What Advent traditions does your family have? Do you want to keep these traditions? Why or why not?
  • Do any of your traditions need to be “reclaimed” as a faith practice (e.g. using a faith-based Advent calendar instead of a secular one)?
  • Do you want to try something new? Learn about Advent traditions here.
  • Purchase or make the resources you’ll need for the Advent traditions your family plans on doing.

Pick some feast days to celebrate.

  • Look through the weekly Advent Feast Days Activities and decide which activities your family will do. Set a goal of picking at least one feast day each week to celebrate.

Review your family calendar.

  • Look at your family’s calendar for the next month. Can you reduce the number of outside activities in order to have more time for prayer and family time?

Decorate for Advent.

  • Add a purple cloth (the color of the season) to your prayer space/table.
  • Bring in some greenery from outside.
  • Let the objects used in Advent traditions (e.g. wreath, calendar, Jesse Tree) serve as decorations.
  • Display the just the stable from your Nativity set/creche and add pieces to it on each Sunday of Advent.
  • Use lights or candles to celebrate Jesus as the Light of the World.
  • Consider waiting until December 24 to put up Christmas decorations–and make decorating a family activity.

Read and discuss the Sunday Gospel.