3rd Week of Advent

Week of December 13 through December 19, 2020

Anytime this week:

December 13th: Celebrate Gaudete Sunday.

The Third Sunday in Advent is called Gaudete Sunday. The Latin word gaudete means rejoice. At Mass, the priest wears the color rose–a sign of joy–and we light a rose or pink colored candle on the Advent wreath to represent the joy we feel to welcome Jesus at Christmas.

  • Do: In the Gospel reading for today, we hear about John the Baptist who was sent by God to testify to Jesus, the Light of the World. Take a walk or drive around your neighborhood to look at holiday light displays. (This can also be a way to celebrate the feast day of St. Lucy, whose name means light; see below.) How many religious displays can you find?

December 13th: Celebrate St. Lucy

  • Read: Read about St. Lucy.
  • Eat: There are many traditional recipes to try for the feast of St. Lucy! Two easy ones are St. Lucia braided bread, either homemade or a “hacked” version (buy a can of cinnamon rolls, unwind each roll, braid the strands, form the braid into a circle, and bake. Glaze with the icing.). Another recipe is St. Lucy soup, here from Catholic Cuisine.
  • Pray: Pray the Prayer to St. Lucy. (Scroll to the bottom of the page.) Click on the video following the prayer to watch a traditional St. Lucy procession and listen to the song, Santa Lucia.
  • Do: St. Lucy is the patron saint of the blind. In her honor, gather up old eyeglasses and donate them to the Lion’s Club to be distributed through their optical missions around the world. Contact your optometrist’s office to find out if they are a drop-off location.

December 14th: Celebrate St. John of the Cross

St. John of the Cross worked with St. Teresa of Avila to reform the Carmelite order in the sixteenth century. He is known for his spiritual writings, which had an enormous impact on the development of the Catholic contemplative tradition.