First Days of Christmas

December 24/25 through December 26, 2020

December 24 or 25: Celebrate the birth of our Lord!

  • Do: Attend Mass in person or online. Find the Christmas Mass schedule at St. Anthony here.
  • Read: Read and discuss Luke 2:1-14 about the birth of Jesus.
  • Do: Commit to celebrating the Christmas season. The liturgical season of Christmas begins with the vigil Masses on Christmas Eve and concludes on the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord (January 10 in 2021). During this season, we celebrate the birth of Christ into our world and into our hearts, and reflect on the gift of salvation that is born with Him. Leave your Christmas decorations and lights up through the whole season.
  • Eat: Make a birthday cake for Jesus!

December 26: Celebrate St. Stephen

St. Stephen was one of the first deacons in the early Church and became an early martyr when he was put to death because of his faith just a few years after Jesus’ death and resurrection.