Contact the church office to make arrangements: (641) 828-7050 or

A death in the family is a very difficult time. It is during this time that parishioners need the help, support, and prayers of their parish family.

When you are faced with a death in the family and are in need of spiritual guidance, please feel free to contact the pastor at any time.

Local funeral home directors are in contact with the pastor and/or office when arrangements are being made for the vigil prayer service, funeral Mass, and funeral luncheon. They will contact the office to determine the date and time for the funeral, as well as an approximate number of those who will be attending the luncheon.

Father would like to meet with the family as soon after the death as possible. At this time, he can offer prayer and support as well as gain a better insight into the life of a deceased loved one.

Local Funeral Homes:
Bertrand Funeral Homes
Williams Funeral Home
Winfield Funeral Home
Pierschbacher Funeral Home

Altar & Rosary Funeral Dinner Guidelines

Altar and Rosary funeral dinner committee has a few guidelines:

  • If a dinner is to be served by our committee, a donation for the meal is appreciated. Suggested donations are: for 50 people, $100.00; for 75 people, $150.00; for 100 or more people, $2.00 per serving.  Please note this is only a suggested donation. If someone is not able to afford a donation, they will NOT be expected to do so.
  • If cookies and beverages are served the evening prior, we suggest a $50.00 donation.
  • Contact the church office at (641) 828-7050 with questions.