In preparing for the sacrament of baptism, parents (or person wishing to be baptized) should notify the church office at 641-828-7050.

If the parents have not previously attended a pre-baptismal class, then one should be scheduled prior to the baptism. Only one class is required. No additional classes are needed for additional baptisms in the family.

Information needed for baptism includes: father’s name, mother’s maiden name, child’s city of birth, birth date, and two Godparent names, (one of the two must be of active Catholic practice).

Date of baptism will be agreed upon with parents and the priest. Arrangements will be provided through the church office for reserved seating and presentation of the Knights of Columbus’ rose to the family.

Please note that no baptisms are scheduled during Sunday Mass in the seasons of Advent or Lent, but may be scheduled privately.

Contact our pastor at (641) 828-7050 Ext. 3 with further questions.