Church and Hall Use for Weddings

Food in the Hall and Church

On the wedding day, if you would like to serve refreshments or a light lunch for your wedding party, please ask the pastor for permission to use the church hall. There is to be no food or drink in the worship area of the church at any time.

Alcoholic Beverages

The only alcohol permitted in the church hall is wine or champagne for the purpose of a toast at rehearsal dinners and wedding receptions. Except for the sacramental wine used for Mass, no other alcohol is to be consumed anywhere on the church property. Any member of the wedding party who appears to be under the influence of alcohol will not be permitted to participate in either the rehearsal or the wedding. The bride and groom are responsible for communicating this information to all the members of the wedding party.

Banners and Hangings

Banners or hangings may be brought into the worship space with the permission of the pastor.


Our four candle stands may be decorated and relocated around the altar area for your wedding if you wish. We do not recommend that you rent additional candle stands or candelabra for your wedding. If you decide to do so, please ensure that these candles do not drip wax on the floor by placing a sheet of plastic under each candle. Setting up stands candles in the aisles is not allowed.

Aisle Runners

Regardless of its material, the use of an aisle runner is discouraged for the following reasons:

  • Rolling out a “white carpet” gives the appearance of separating the bride and/or the members of the wedding party as an elite group apart from the rest of the assembly.
  • This practice has its roots in primitive superstition.
  • There is an element of danger from tripping or slipping on the runner.

Throwing of Rice or Bird Seed

To avoid another hazard to safety and to minimize custodial work, the pagan custom of throwing of rice, bird seed, or any kind of confetti is not allowed either inside or outside the building. Please inform your family and friends in advance of the wedding day and instruct your ushers of this request. Bubbles are acceptable outside.

Photography and Videotaping

Please ask all photographers and “videographers” — whether amateur or professional — who might be planning to record your wedding to talk with the priest in advance of the ceremony as to where they may set up their cameras. Your wedding ceremony is a sacred time of prayer. Participants must not be disturbed by any distractions or commotion. While we understand your desire to record your wedding, we ask you and your camera operators to observe the following requests so that the sacred joy of this day will not be marred by camera equipment or those who operate it.

  • The pastor will indicate several places from which photographers may take pictures during the ceremony and where camera equipment may be set up.
  • No photographers are permitted to move around the church with cameras once the liturgy has begun.
  • During the wedding ceremony, only available light may be used. No flash or additional lighting may be used during the wedding .
  • The church will be available for the taking of pictures before and after the wedding provided there is no conflict with other scheduled events in the church.
  • Every effort should be made to inform your family and wedding guests that picture taking and filming during the ceremony is limited to those formally requested to do so by the bride and groom. Please include the followings note in your worship aid: “All guests are asked to refrain from taking photos during the ceremony in church.”