St. Anthony Committee Updates February 2020

The activity of a parish should be centered on continuing the mission and ministry of Jesus. Our committees are an integral part of our parish community, and are open to new members!

The following short reports are from meetings in December and January:

Parish Council

Chairperson: Ryan Richardson

At the January 9 Parish Council meeting:

Stewardship reported on their stewardship fair from last fall.

Without maintenance and cleaning employee(s), any group needing tables and chairs in the hall will set-up and strike them on their own.

Three motions approved a Revitalize logo, approved a Revitalize project to critically apply “fresh eyes” to the condition of the church building, and approved the repeat of the Christmas Mass Greeting project.

ADA pledges are now $5000 short of our $35000 goal.

Ryan is working to improve communication to, from, and within Building and Grounds Committee, particularly through the use of email.

Finance Council

Chairperson: Jim Smith

Meeting from January 21:

Discussed parish financials, investments, and ADA goal. Sarah Grier has been hired as the custodian for the church, hall, and offices. Fr. Kevin nominated Cris Schwanebeck to fill the vacancy as Lay Director for St. Anthony, which Cris accepted.

Altar and Rosary Society

Chairperson: Shana Krpan

At our meeting in January, we talked about changing up how we do the toys for the kids in Marion County.

The Potato Bar; cleaning potatoes Friday night, bake Sunday morning.

Preparing desserts for the fish fries. Our proceeds going to Birthright, Neighbor Helping Neighbor, and Altar and Rosary projects.

Also discussed a project where we collect books, and at the end of the school year, we give every child in the elementary a book to take home for the summer.

Liturgy Committee

Chairperson: Bonnie Stalzer

Multiple items were discussed in December:

List of names sent to Amanda for commissions of extraordinary ministers. Brief discussion on ministries to homebound parishioners.

Decided narrower table should be used in the back of the church for the ushers.

Quilt blocks were well received and appreciated by the families of those who passed away.

The final Advent display will be set up on Friday morning at 11 am.

Discussion on finding Gift Bearers for weekly Masses ended with plan to schedule families using Ministry Scheduler Pro Software.

Usher training tentatively set for February 9th or 16th depending on Father’s schedule.

The Rite of Welcoming for RCIA will be Epiphany Sunday.f

Abby offered to combine the cards in the pews and laminate them into one piece.

Building and Grounds

Chairperson: John Popson

Met on January 14:

Discussed talking to Steve Everly about ceiling fans for the church, also going to talk with Eric Pearson about air handler/air conditioning unit to try to figure out our heating issues.

Discussed how the heating and cooling is programmed.

Kitchen water lines are going to need some work; it was discussed to replace them at some point.

Church pews have been brought up in a few meetings now; it was discussed whether they really need reupholstered or the repair the ones that really need it.

The need for signs for Mass Times and directions was discussed.

The hall restrooms were discussed. Bathroom accessibility for our handicapped was discussed again. Regulation and cost need to be explored.

Conversed about the carpet in the office and conference room needing replaced. Will be seeking bids.

Cemetery Committee

Chairperson: Mike O’Brien

Meets quarterly

Committee met January 29th to discuss financials, investments, and the 2020 mowing contract.

Faith Formation

Chairperson: Laura Hollinrake

No meetings in December or January

Family Life

Chairperson: Mary Hanna

No meetings in December or January


Chairpersons: Ryan Richardson & Laura Hollinrake

The REVITALIZE team met January 23rd, in the church, with seven guests, to take a critical look at the inside of our church building. Combined comments from our guests will be shared with Parish Council and Building and Grounds.

Social Action Committee

Chairperson: Laura Hollinrake

From the January 2 meeting:

Activities report showed there were 70 food baskets given our over Thanksgiving and Christmas. Total cost was $1085, which covered the costs of ham/turkey gift cards. $943 was donated, the rest from the Charitible giving budget. Reviewed and discussed the eight charitable giving grant applications. Grants were awarded to the following organizations: Birthright (for general operational needs), Crisis Intervention Services (for purchase of living room furniture for emergency shelter), Freedom for Youth (toward costs of creating permanent woodshop), Habitat for Humanity (for general home construction or renovation costs), Helping Hands (for food), IMPACT Community Action (for emergency food vouchers), Neighbor Helping Neighbor (for emergency assistance), and The Well Knoxville (toward purchase of washer and dryer for client use). Will request all recipients use grant money locally if they are a state or national organization. Began planning for Rice Bowl activities. Also discussed some new outreach and service ideas regarding prison ministry and the “Civilize It” campaign sponsored by the US Catholic Bishops.

Stewardship & Church Life Committees

Chairperson: Mary Hanna

Helped organize the retirement reception for Jim Brees.

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