Committee Updates March 2020

The activity of a parish should be centered on continuing the mission and ministry of Jesus. Our committees are an integral part of our parish community, and are open to new members!

The following short reports are from meeting in February:

Parish Council

Chairperson: Ryan Richardson

Summary from meeting 2/13/2020:

  • Five of our nine elected members asked to be excused due to schedule conflicts or extreme cold. Communication improvements were the theme in all agenda items. Budget request forms, emailed to committee chairs, need to be returned to Finance by April 7th. Janet Paulsen is our local parish cluster representative at the diocesan level, replacing T. Waldman Williams in that role. Finance, Parish Council, and Buildings and Grounds members have collaborated to improve members’ understanding of project bid details and bid approval communication. Ryan will communicate with Liturgy about usher training details, and with Family Life about an idea to reach out to our recent high school graduates.

Finance Council

Chairperson: Jim Smith

Meeting from Feb. 18:

  • Discussed parish financials, investments, and ADA goal. Ordered a new coffee pot for the hall; discussed ordering hardback hymnals in lieu of paperback; committee budget proposals are due back to the committee in April for the 2020-2021 fiscal year. 
  • We are in need of a new member of Finance Council. If interested, please contact Fr. Anstey or Jim Smith.

Altar and Rosary

Chairperson: Shana Krpan

  • In our Meeting on Feb. 5, we discussed our Mother’s Day Brunch, our barn quilt class, and how we are volunteering at the theater Feb 7 and 11.
  • Marilee asked about us contributing to flowers for in front of the altar and ambo. We agreed to give donations from two nights of our fish fry desserts to go toward flowers.

Liturgy Committee

Chairperson: Bonnie Stalzer

February 18 Meeting:

  • Decided that the ushers could continue to ask volunteers to serve as gift bearers but will add a blurb in the bulletin to encourage parishioners to let the ushers know that they would like to serve before each Mass. 
  • Lenten Plans: simple decorating, cross at the front with a large bowl of rice. This will be set on Monday @ 4:30pm
  • Stations of the Cross: a sign-up sheet will be put up in the vestibule for each week. A cross bearer, candle bearer, and leader will be needed for each Friday. The Social Action Committee will lead on 3/20 and the faith formation youth will lead on 3/27. 
  • A proposal for hardback Glory and Praise books be purchased in place of the missalettes. This would be a savings of $1000 or more each year if approved. 
  • RCIA: Started using the Bishop Barron – “Daily Mass” videos. They are 2/3 of the way through them. Rite of Election will be the 1st of March in Iowa City. 
  • The last of the Bibles for funerals were used, so more need to be ordered soon; Deacon Tom will look into this.

Buildings and Grounds

Chairperson: John Popson

  • Buildings & Grounds February meeting focused on:  carpet cleaning; pew padding repair; and improving communication between themselves and Finance Council. 

Cemetery Committee

Chairperson: Mike O’Brien

  • No meeting in February. (Meets quarterly)

Faith Formation

Chairperson: Laura Hollinrake

  • No meeting in February.

Family Life Committee

Chairperson: Mary Hanna

  • The Family Life Committee met in February to plan a spring activity and to begin planning for the senior graduation breakfast. 

Revitalize Team

Chairpersons: Ryan Richardson & Laura Hollinrake

  • The REVITALIZE! TEAM met February 24th, to evaluate and consolidate the list of comments provided by our ‘fresh eyes’ assessment of the church building’s welcoming nature.  We identified actionable items that would not be expensive and will recommend them to Parish Council at their March 12th Meeting.

Social Action Committee

Chairperson: Laura Hollinrake

Summary of Social action committee meeting February 6, 2020:

  • All checks for charitable giving recipients have been mailed out; we have received several thank you notes. Set up plan for Rice Bowl 2020. Will again have Taste of Lent after Feb 23, mass. Discussed some ideas  for prison ministry. Planned meeting with Marion County Sheriff to discuss prison ministry. Also planned reminders for promotion and completion of upcoming Census.

Stewardship & Church Life Committees

Chairperson: Mary Hanna

  • No meeting in February.

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