These are interesting times! Things are changing day to day, and it’s hard to predict what will happen next. In these uncertain times, we need God more than ever as our rock and our salvation. Here are two short scripture verses
that may help: Psalms 3:1-5, Psalms 62:6-9.

We also need each other during this time. We’re all social beings and we need the company of our family and friends, but with today’s circumstances, that companionship is difficult. We want to let you know that there are others
who care for each of you within our parish, and we all need to rely on one other. If you find yourself in need of something, please let one of the people of St. Anthony Parish know. You may need help with groceries, prescriptions, appointments, or other tasks, or you may just need to talk with someone. The numbers and email for St. Anthony staff are listed on our website. Please know that we are available to help. Above all, stay home and stay healthy!

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