As we proceed deeper into our efforts to slow the spread of disease, many are having trouble understanding where they fit in.  For some, this is because they feel isolated.  For some, the lack of socializing in their lives leaves them feeling a bit empty.  For others, changes in work leave them desiring the sense of accomplishment and purpose they need.  And for many others, very little has changed, and they are left wondering what all the fuss is about.  What certainly unites us in all of this is that we do not know what is coming next, and we all wonder how long this may last.

As we are still a long way from the potential impact of this virus in our lives, we cannot be overcome by fear of what may happen, because it may never happen.  Our communities will be touched by this outbreak, but we don’t know how severely.  We cannot be ruled by fear, because this is to be ruled by something that only exists in our minds.  Fear is always irrational, because we are afraid of something that isn’t real yet.

To be prepared is another story, and certainly not irrational.  Many are prepared for changes to come, many are experiencing fear because they have no preparations.  As many have scrambled to get provisions at the last minute, they have done so out of fear.  These are often the same people who would poke fun at those who already had stockpiles of supplies and food, saying that they were acting out of fear.  We must all remember that this fear is an element of all our urgings to be prepared, though we must move past that fear to actually prepare in the way we must.

Things will likely get worse before they get better.  But, we can make a great difference in the world around us if we have the courage to move past the fear to a genuine Christian love that should be driving us all in these days.  So there is something we should all be asking ourselves: who in my life am I responsible for?  This obviously starts with our own families, but it must include our neighbors whom God has entrusted us with.  If you know you are well taken care of, who amongst your neighbors may not be?  Who, amongst your neighbors, doesn’t have a family to look in on them?  Whether they may have some physical needs or perhaps simply need a phone call, this is your moment to step forward and reach out to them.

While this is still fairly new, though many feel like it has been going on for months now, let us actually settle in to some new habits of putting others first in our lives.  For all those in need, let us continue praying fervently.  For all those who need us, let us pray that God may give us the strength and wisdom to truly minister to their needs.

Rev Kev

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