Join us for a virtual parish BINGO fun night on Friday, April 17, 2020 from 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Virtual Bingo Fun Night Details

  • There is no cost to play. Small prizes will be awarded to winners after the pandemic restrictions are lifted.
  • We’ll play using Zoom video chat, which means players will be able to see each other during the game.
    • Players need a video-enabled laptop, tablet, or smart phone.
    • If using a tablet or smart phone, you’ll need to download the free Zoom Cloud Meetings app from the Apple Store or Google Play (you do not need to install Zoom on a laptop).
  • Players must provide their own bingo cards.
    • Option 1: Download and print cards here: Choose random pages to print so you don’t end up with the same cards as all the other players!
    • Option 2: Make your own cards.
      • Draw a 25-space grid on a piece of paper.
      • Write BINGO across the top of the paper with each letter above a column.
      • Write “Free Space” in the center square.
      • Randomly write numbers in each column as follows:

B: numbers 1-15

I: numbers 16-30

N: numbers 31-45

G: numbers 46-60

O: numbers 61-75

  • Please print or make several cards before the start of the game.
  • To join the game, players must send the following information to Laura Hollinrake by 4:30 PM on April 17:
    • Email address OR
    • Cell phone number PLUS the name of cell phone service provider (company name is used for email-to-text).
  • Add to the fun! Wear your favorite or silliest hat! Make sure to have your snacks and drinks ready to go before we start so you don’t have to leave in the middle of the fun.

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