As we saw last week, it’s quite important to consider how Jesus Christ is the gate, the Way to eternal life.  In today’s Gospel, St. John shows us Jesus telling His disciples that he is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  This is one of those times when we have to see what Christ was trying to show them and us, but the meaning is lost on the listener until we allow it to change us.  In fact, this meaning is not truly known until we allow our lives to be taken over by it, until we surrender our hearts to God.

The complicated part about this is that we must trust in Jesus Christ being the Way, Truth and Life in order to do this.  This trust is not cheap, and it can’t be faked.  It may start with an invitation, a curiosity, a reasoned contemplation, an inspiration or many other things, but it must progress through an acceptance of Jesus Christ as the answer we have been looking for.  While this may look different for each person in its initial stages, it will resemble Way, Truth, or Life.
For some it will look like the Way, the path to something, or the path back from something.  For some it will look like the Truth, the realization they have found that pearl they have sought for so long.  And for others, it will look like the Life, the purpose and belonging they have longed for all along.

Once this becomes established in our lives, we must all strive that each of these principles become one, that each contains the others and is a part of the others.  A Christian life allows Jesus to lead us along the way , that way reveals the truth, that truth the next path forward, that next path defines our next focus in our lives, etc., etc.  Each step we allow ourselves to be drawn further into God’s life, and thus each time we see God’s plan more fully and completely.  And with each step, we will realize more deeply that in every way, it is Jesus Christ who is the Way, Truth and Life of it all.

Rev Kev

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