We will be returning to Mass at Sacred Heart and St. Anthony on the normal schedule as of June 22, however during Mass everyone must wear face protection.  

Seating will be limited to every third pew and horizontally six feet apart from other households in order to maintain safe distancing.  Distancing should also be maintained while gathering, during the Communion procession, and following Mass.  

Singing is omitted for the time being to reduce airborne pathogens.

If possible, please attend daily Mass in lieu of Sunday in order to keep the number of attendees down on weekends.

The Sunday Mass obligation has been lifted until there is a working vaccine available for COVID-19.

For the time being, we will only be able to allow half of our parishioners into the church for weekend Masses. We are requesting last names beginning A-L attend on June 27/28, and last names M-Z attend weekend Mass on July 4/5. Please plan to only attend weekend Masses every other weekend for the immediate future.

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