On Saturday, the Church celebrates the Feast of the Assumption, commemorating Mary’s entrance into Heaven, body and soul.  The past few years, I have preached on the reasons why Mary was assumed body and soul into God’s Kingdom, and now I would like to dwell upon her purpose now in her Heavenly existence.  Perhaps St. Thomas Aquinas said it best:

On this day and all the days of my life, I entrust to your merciful heart my body and my soul, all my actions, thoughts, decisions, desires, words, deeds, my entire life and death, so that, with your assistance, everything may be ordered to the good, according to the will of your beloved Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Mary is our Blessed Mother.  This must be more than a title we use for her, it must be the way we entrust ourselves to her.  She lives now as Mother to us all, guiding us gently and patiently, teaching us how to live.  This is as natural as our earthly mothers teaching us how to live, holding us close.  And for those who weren’t blessed with tender motherly care growing up, Mary’s love is all the more important.

No matter what your childhood was like, Mary’s love for you is the same, and I hope that you may recognize her gently nudging your heart.  Because Mary, Model of all the Saints, is always nudging you toward God’s Love and Mercy.  Whether or not you have had a mother who seemed like this, you have one now in Mary, and all you have to do is entrust your heart to hers.  Once you have known Mary’s love, and the salvation she leads you to in her Son, may you place your life entirely in her care, and so echo St. Thomas’ prayer:

I pray also that, at the end of my life, Mother beyond compare, gate of heaven and advocate of sinners, you will protect me with your great piety and mercy, and obtain for me, through the blessed and glorious passion of your Son, and through your own intercession, the forgiveness of all my sins, which I hope to receive. When I die in your love and His love, guide me in the way of salvation and blessedness.

If you would like to read Aquinas’ entire prayer of intercession to Mary, you can find it at: https://www.beautysoancient.com/oh-blessed-sweet-virgin-mary-thomas-aquinas/

Rev Kev

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