There is a difficult balance for us to strike in our lives between desiring Eternity with God and seeking a fulfillment here in His Creation.  St. Paul tackles this issue this week, reminding us that both must be desired, and desired for the right reason.

To live our lives longing for more of what we know (more of this life) would be a mistake.  But to live our lives longing for more opportunity would be precisely what we are aiming for.  As St. Paul says, to go to Heaven would be better, but to keep working here and now is necessary.  There should be so much that we look forward to in Heaven, and there should be so much we want to accomplish while we still have the time in this life.

We should all think in such ways about both, because they are so connected.  What if we spent a bit more time getting to know God in our lives now, and then longed for Eternity with God even more?  What if we worked to experience and spread God’s Love with our lives even more, and helped others long for Heaven along with us?  Both longing for more life here and now and longing for Heaven are the longing for something very similar, the opportunity to be a part of God’s life, just in different ways. 

Let us all pray for the purity of heart we all need to desire both the gift of our life now, and Eternity with God to come, each in the proper way.

Rev Kev

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