We have all known someone who seems unaffected by the events around them.  Whether it be a huge storm, a death in the family, or the loss of a job, there are some who don’t seem to be bothered by such tragedies.  While sometimes this is a personality trait, others are this way because they are prepared in a way that goes deeper than we can see.

St. Paul reminds us this week that we are not supposed to be like those who are unprepared for such things.  We, as Christians, are meant to be prepared even for the coming of Christ, and should have our lives ordered and prepared accordingly.  This is not a preparation for a change in our world, but a preparation for a change in our own lives.  Of course, this change within our lives is the hardest to prepare for. 

The way St. Paul tells us to prepare is through the image that Christ Himself uses several times, the “thief in the night,” which seems impossible to prepare for.  But it is quite simple (not easy), if we remember how St. Paul tells us to get ready for it: “…putting on the breastplate of Faith and Love and the Helmet that is hope for salvation.”  This “armor” which we are to wear is a preparation for an event, it is a preparation of our own hearts.  If we live in Faith, Hope, and Love, there is nothing we cannot face, and nothing which can overcome us.

Rev Kev

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