As we begin our Advent journey, we are reminded once by Luke to be watchful. As in all the other passages about readiness and watchfulness, this one has to do with the suddenness of the Lord’s coming. But in our context, this one is different. Christ speaks about His return, but we are looking forward to His birth.

It is, therefore, all the more important to be watchful. We are trying to put ourselves into the right spirit of waiting so that we do not overlook God’s entrance into our lives. Just as Christ came as a baby, God usually comes to us in a small, quiet way, and something grows. This may be God’s influence, or our awareness of His presence, or perhaps a change in our lives that others can eventually see.

Whatever it may turn into, we must remember to be watchful for the Lord in these seemingly small ways. We may not know what God has in store for us, but we would hate to miss it simply because we didn’t notice God trying to tap on our shoulder. The Lord will return one day in a way we can’t miss, but in the meantime, let us be watchful and mindful of the ways God is trying to break into our lives, even if it is quiet, gentle, unassuming. This is how God usually works.

Rev Kev

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