Check out the latest news and information in this week’s Bulletin Brief! (To see the weekly bulletin itself, click here.)

Check out the new Advent center on our parish website to find resources to help you and your family celebrate the season. You’ll find Advent calendars, prayers and blessings, Advent music playlists, information about Advent traditions, daily readings and reflections, and seasonal feast day activities. On the Feast Days and Activities/Liturgical Living page of the center you’ll find a week-by-week list of suggested read-eat-pray-do activities to celebrate a few of the feast days of the season with links to the needed resources to do the activities. Go to

As we have finished this liturgical year remembering those of our congregation who have died and transition into the new year and Advent, we want to continue our celebration of those lives. Keep in your prayers those we have honored on our All Saints/All Souls banner this November: Patricia Reeves, Nancy Kingery, Jerry Sobieszyk, Dean Wilson, Steven Waters, Martha Flattery, Ricardo Comparo, Rev. Thomas Parlette, Connie Finnegan, Kathleen Bosak, Olive Rankin and Margaret Kurimski. Bless their families as they celebrate the holidays without their loved ones.The Liturgy Commission would like to give special thanks to all who created and quilted the leaves for the November Banner. These leaves with pictures of the display will be given to each family.

Stocking stuffer alert! The St. Anthony Knights of Columbus Tootsie roll drive is one of their largest fundraisers with proceeds used to help the needy of Marion County. Due to COVID19 restrictions, it will be a bit different this year. We will be taking orders and delivering them directly to your door! Please drop a note in the collection basket with your name, address, and phone number to place your order OR you can contact Jim Brees, Grand Knight, by phone at (641)2184788. The cost is $15 for a box of 50 Tootsie Rolls. Please support this great cause.

In past years our social action committee has sponsored a food collection for Christmas food baskets. This year, however, we’ve heard from several organizations that the greatest need many people have is not food but financial help (there are several agencies in the county providing food assistance). Because of the COVID-19 crisis, many people are experiencing a loss of income and aren’t able to provide for items such as hygiene products or Christmas gifts for their family, or are struggling to pay rent and utilities. So this year we are asking parishioners to consider making a donation of cash or gift cards to the organizations listed below who provide services to those in need in our community. Donations may be sent directly to the agency or placed in an envelope marked “Social Action Giving Project” and put in the collection basket in the church entry.

Birthright – Offers love, friendship, and support to women who are or think they may be pregnant. Mail: 111 E. Marion St., Knoxville, 50138

Crisis Intervention Services-Provides support services for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. In need of gift cards ($10-15 each to Hy-Vee, Fareway, Casey’s, Walmart, Target or Amazon) that clients can use to buy clothing, toys or food for their families this holiday season. Mail: 207 A Ave. East, Oskaloosa, 52577 or

Freedom for Youth Ministries-Helps youth discover their God-given talents, and lead transformed lives. 107 S. 3rd Street, Knoxville, 50138.

Habitat for Humanity – Helps low-income families build or improve a home. Mail: 114 W. Robinson, Knoxville, 50138

Helping Hands – Provides food, shelter, clothing and household items to neighbors in need. Mail: c/o Chuck Galeazzi, 1109 E. Washington, Knoxville, 50138

IMPACT Community Action – Provides a variety of services to low-income people. In need of gift cards ($5 each) for clients to use to buy personal hygiene items. Mail: 3226 University Ave., Des Moines, IA 50311. (Include a note indicating your donation is for use in Marion County.)

The Well -Provides resources to meet physical, emotional, and spiritual needs for people facing difficult circumstances. Mail: 404 W. Pleasant, Knoxville, 50138.

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