In the Baptism we have received, each of us was touched by God’s blessing in that moment.  More than that, we are brought into God’s Life, to live forever in that blessing of His presence in our lives.  This is much more than a moment, because it is a beginning of a new life.

In the Acts of the Apostles, Peter explains that this has nothing to do with who we are or where we come from, because God calls us all, this is simply our response to His call:

In truth, I see that God shows no partiality.

But Peter immediately calls our attention to a sobering truth about Baptism:

Rather, in every nation,
whoever fears Him and acts uprightly
is acceptable to Him.

The truth is that none of us ever lives up to this, but we can all do better to strive for it.  To fear God, by always remembering how great God is.  Do you always remember that God is the Creator of all, the He is not only all-powerful, but the Power behind it all?  If not you aren’t thinking of God’s greatness.  Do you always remember that the same God reaches out to you, personally, every day, just because He wants you to return the Love He gives you?  If not, you aren’t thinking about God’s greatness.

To keep these two seemingly opposite ideas in our minds is what it means to fear God.  It should make you feel a bit uneasy at times, when it strikes you that God’s presence in your life is GOD’S PRESENCE IN YOUR LIFE.  You should wonder at times, “Why me?”  And then you need to remind yourself it’s because God really is that great.  This will always lead you to act uprightly, when you truly recognize God’s presence in your life at all times.

This is what began at your Baptism, and continues each day of your life.  It is much more than the  ceremony long ago, that was just the beginning of your new life.  God lives up to the promise He made to us that day, to always be a part of our lives.  This calls us to faithfulness beyond our ability, though each of us can do more.  What more can you do to make God a part of each moment of your life?

Rev Kev

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