The Gospel passage we read when we process into the church on Palm Sunday has quite a few background characters in it.  We don’t really know who all of the people were who laid down palms branches in front of Jesus, or who the owner of the donkey was, or which disciples He sent to fetch the donkey.  Sometimes we forget that there were a lot of lives Jesus touched during His life among us, and that it was through this work that the Church was built.

We remember some the heroes of the early Church all the time, celebrating the life and work of the Apostles and the other early Bishops and Saints.  But the life of faith which they built in the world was done according to the way Jesus Himself showed them.  This was the first time the Faith was passed down from one generation to the next. 

Jesus is asking you to be a part of this all the time.  We are all being called to pass on our love of God to others, by showing them the Divine Love which God has given us.  Of all the ways our lives are meant to be faithful, the primary way we must show God’s Love for us is by helping God’s children know God’s Love.  There will always be, in every generation, lots of unsung heroes in this.

Rev Kev

One thought on “Weekly Reflection with Father Kevin

  1. It really is a joy to see children coming to Mass and receiving Holy Communion with their families. Thank you for pointing this out!

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