The St. Anthony Liturgy Committee discussed many topics at their last meeting, including the upcoming remodel of the Sanctuary area of the Church, which includes a new Corpus for the cross. The Risen Christ will be removed for repairs, as it is bulging in the middle. We are continuing to get a better working relationship with A&R, and plan to work with them to evaluate all altar linens to determine if replacement is necessary. We are also going to be soliciting help from parishioners with weekly flowers for Mass by developing a flower calendar.

The Liturgy committee would like you all to join us in thanking Paul and Bonnie Stalzer for the new panels behind the Stations of the Cross! I think you will all agree they have really changed the worship space for the better. On a special note, Paul used the wood from the trees that were removed south of the Church to make the borders of the panels.

God bless, Deacon Tom

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