This week is a great time to look at your Advent traditions. Here are some questions to consider as you look at your Advent plans:

  • What Advent traditions does your family have? Do you want to keep these traditions? Why or why not?
  • Do any of your traditions need to be “reclaimed” and celebrated in their original Catholic form (e.g. using a faith-based Advent calendar instead of a secular one)?

Now is a great time to purchase or make the resources you’ll need for the Advent traditions your family plans on doing. Waiting until Advent has started adds stress that takes away from the meditative purpose of the season.

Another item to start planning this week is Christmas gift giving. You don’t necessarily need to start shopping, but knowing what you plan on buying so you can plan a budget or order things early also removes much of the stress we experience during the Advent season. Make a list of everyone you plan on giving to as well as what you’ll be gifting them, including charitable giving. Set a budget and make a plan of how you’ll act on the list, i.e. when and where you’ll need to shop for those items to try to avoid the hustle of waiting to figure those things out until December or how soon you’ll need to ship something in order for it to make it elsewhere by a certain date.

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