The first Sunday in Advent is November 28th. Be prepared to celebrate the first week in Advent by looking at ideas for that week. Here’s what we have on our calendar; pick one or two to add to your household’s activities that week, along with reading the Sunday Gospels together and attending Mass.

First Sunday in Advent:

  • Traditionally, this Sunday was known as Stir it up Sunday when families would start the Christmas pudding. It’s a good day to start some Christmas baking (to reduce the stress of doing it later!), especially food gifts for neighbors, family, and friends that you can put in the freezer until you need them later in the month.
  • Light your first Advent (purple) candle each day this week and pray or sing with your family around the Advent wreath.

November 30: Celebrate St. Andrew

St. Andrew icon

December 3rd: Celebrate St. Francis Xavier

St. Francis Xavier was one of the first Jesuits and a great missionary to Asia.

December 4th: Celebrate the Feast of St. Barbara

St. Barbara was a Greek Christian martyr in the third century. Her feast day is no longer on the regular calendar but she is still loved and celebrated.

  • Read more about St. Barbara here.
  • Watch Rapunzel or read a Rapunzel story. It’s a silly reference, but St. Barbara’s story is really similar to Rapunzel’s. Her father even locked her in a tower!
  •  Eat dirt pudding cups for dessert. St. Barbara is the patron saint of miners.

Here’s our other Advent resources:

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