Faith Formation: The Sacrament of Confirmation

Looking back over this year in faith formation, two highlights stick out regarding the Sacrament of Confirmation. When we explored this often misunderstood sacrament during an all-ages event during Advent, it was the same day we heard the gospel of the Visitation, when Mary visits her older cousin. Elizabeth’s baby, John the Baptist, leaps in … Continue reading Faith Formation: The Sacrament of Confirmation

Volunteers Needed!

What's a catechist? It's a $3 word for someone who shares their faith. That's simpler than you'd imagine and it's never been more important! Catechists are needed in many parts of our parish program, including leading learning stations at monthly gatherings, facilitating adult groups, and mentoring youth for sacramental prep.  Hospitality helpers (bakers, decorators, and more) also … Continue reading Volunteers Needed!