Early Fall 2019 Ministries Updates

Parish Council

Parish Council met October 10th. They discussed several ideas to improve communication, decrease utility bills at the church, encourage parishioners to seek the sacrament of reconciliation, and perhaps inspire us on a bus trip to tour Notre Dame University in South Bend, Indiana. All Council members are monitoring new communication from committees to parishioners through paragraphs in the bulletin. Many Council members are working between meetings to move more ideas forward: ideas and questions about a November Stewarship Fair will be discussed with the Stewardship Committee. The Council will work with the Finance Council to pursue energy audits from utility companies. Another utility bill reduction idea will be discussed with the Knights. Logistical details for an additional communal penance service are being explored.

Finance Council

The Finance Council met on October 15th to discuss the church financials and investments. They also discussed: church carpet cleaning and reupholstering the pews; the parish ADA goal; finding a Building and Grounds replacement for Jim Brees; insurance coverage; the need for a new lay director and finance council member.

Altar & Rosary Society

The Altar and Rosary Society met for their regular monthly meeting October 2, 2019. Major topics of discussion included the purchase of yard signs for the annual spaghetti supper and turkey dinner and continued planning for the turkey dinner. Angie Gentry from the Knoxville Freedom for Youth Ministries gave a presentation to the group about the program and opportunities for involvement.

Liturgy Committee

The Liturgy Committee met in October and decided another training session for ushers will be scheduled for those who missed the last one. It was determined going forward that all training will be scheduled and conducted by the Liturgy Committee for positions during Mass. Father and Deacon must be involved in conducting these training sessions. It was asked if the Liturgy Committee would like to take over the Stations of the Nativity. It was decided this should remain with Faith Formation. Advent planning took place on Wednesday, October 16th. A soup supper was shared beforehand and a theme was decided for the Advent season.

Building and Grounds

The October meeting was cancelled.

Cemetery Committee

(Meets quarterly)

The October meeting included discussions about military veteran markers, new stones being set, and removal of in-ground flowers.

Faith Formation

The Faith Formation Committee met on October 9th. The Family Program continues to focus on the Bible. Three children will begin preparation in November for First Reconciliation; parent sessions began in October. Twelve youth are preparing for Confirmation; mentoring sessions began in October. Confirmation retreat will be held on November 9-10. The first Friday Fun Night was held in September. Upcoming activities include the first Monday Movie Night and new altar server training. The deanery is working to plan some events for young adults in the area. The Committee brainstormed ideas for non-gathered ways to reach out to high school youth as well as some social events.

Family Life Committee

The Family Life Committee met in September to review the schedule for coffee and donuts. Several families were suggested as possible hosts. The committee is planning a Wine and Coloring event for the ladies of the parish on October 23rd at Nearwood Winery.

Revitalize Team

The REVITALIZE! team met October 10th. They continued to work to identify challenges facing the parish in 4 areas: welcoming/hospitality; music; buildings/grounds; and communication. Two-three priorities in each of those four areas were identified. Next steps include identifying persons, committees, or staff members already working to make improvements in those areas.

Social Action Committee

Applications for the charitable giving grants were mailed to local charities; grants will be awarded in January. Food collection for Thanksgiving food baskets will being October 26-27. Baskets will be put together on November 18 and distributed on the 19th. The annual fair trade sale will be held on November 23-24.

Stewardship/Church Life Committee

The Stewardship Committee has been meeting weekly to formulate plans for the upcoming Stewardship Fair, November 9-10. The format is different this year, as parishioners will have an opportunity to identify their gifts and how they might be useful in our parish. Witness talks will be given during announcements after Mass the weekends of November 2-3 and 9-10.

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