Welcome to our St. Anthony virtual Easter egg hunt!

Why Eggs?

Watching a chick break out of its egg is a powerful symbol of new life. For Christians the Easter egg reminds us of Jesus’ resurrection–his “breaking out” of the tomb where he was placed after he died on the cross and being raised to new life. Easter egg hunts remind us of the women who went looking for Jesus in the tomb to anoint his body. 

Please follow these directions to join us on an Easter egg hunt throughout our website:

  1. Get a parent or other adult to do the Easter egg hunt with you.
  2. We’ve hidden an egg on 10 different pages of this website. Search for the eggs by clicking on different tabs on the home page. As you hunt for eggs you’ll learn more about our parish!
  3. When you find an egg, click on it, and it will take you to an Easter activity you can enjoy. When you’re done with the activity, return to our website to look for more eggs.
  • Make a list with the name (heading) at the top of each website page where you find an egg AND the activity that appeared when you clicked on the egg (e.g. name of page: finance council; activity: song)
  • Put your name and mailing address on the list.
  • Send your list to Laura Hollinrake (email is the easiest way to do this) by Monday, April 20th.

4. Begin by clicking on this egg (your first find!) to watch “The Story of Easter.” 

5. Happy Hunting!

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