A few months ago, our Diocese introduced an initiative to start faith-sharing groups amongst parishioners.  This is something priests throughout the world have done on a monthly basis for many years.  In fact, many, including my own group, have increased the frequency of meetings to twice per month during the past year.  This would be even better if we could actually meet in person, but it has been a benefit for all of us, nonetheless. 

As Lent is approaching, we are starting up a new program to go along with this effort, called Live Lent.  With some resources to help the group, it would be a great opportunity to enter a group or form a new one, because there is help in getting each conversation started.  No need to come up with subject matter, no need to put a group together, but for now, you will need a computer or something with internet and video so you can participate.  The six meetings in this program would last about an hour each, once per week.

To sign up and get your group going (or continue in one of the groups that have already formed), simply visit https://knoxvillestanthony.com/2021/01/22/live-lent/ to get signed up.  Please get this done right away; we would like everyone to sign up this weekend, because Ash Wednesday is on February 17th, so we would like to get the groups put together quickly.  Hopefully, this can be the start of something special in your life, by forming/deepening your relationships God and with your fellow parishioners.  I bet it will be worth your time, and then some.

Rev Kev

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