Holidays and holy days seem to creep up on us as we journey through the year, no matter how carefully we try to plan ahead. The Advent season is certainly no exception. Especially with the possibility of shipping issues and supply shortages, right now is the best time to start preparing for an Advent where you can really dig deep into what the season was meant for, namely joyfully preparing our hearts for the birth of Christ.

To give you a hand, we’ll be sharing suggestions on what you can do now in order to be prepared for Advent later. It’s only a month away, after all!

This week, check on your Advent wreath. Do you already have one? Where is it? What condition is it in? If you don’t, do you plan on buying one somewhere? Last year, many places ran out of Advent supplies, so now is a great time to do it. If you plan on making one, make sure you have the supplies you’ll need. What about candles? Do you have fresh candles?

Make sure you have your wreath and candles ready in time to have Father Kevin or Deacon Tom bless them before the first day of Advent.

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