During the month of November, we are called to remember all of our deceased loved ones in prayer, and again this year St. Anthony is doing so in a Book of Remembrance.

We’re requesting you share with us the names of your deceased loved ones, so they may be included in our Book as well as in the Prayers of the Faithful and our personal prayers during the month of November. This includes all those who are deceased, not only those who have passed recently.

To have your loved ones included, you can:

  • Email the names of those you want included, with the subject “Book of Remembrance” to knoxvillestanthony@diodav.org.
  • Call the church office at (641) 828-7050 and tell Amanda, or leave a voicemail, mentioning the “Book of Remembrance” and who you would like to have in the book.
  • Write the name(s) on a piece of paper, mentioning “Book of Remembrance”, and leave it in the offertory basket at the church.

We’d love to pray with you and for your departed loved ones; please share their names with us and we’ll make sure they’re in our book!

One thought on “Book of Remembrance

  1. Thanks for the opportunity to honor our deceased love ones. Please enter the following:Albert & Pauline ObirekJohn & Santina ObirekJoe & Frances ObirekFrank & Antonia LuscriJoe & Mary LuscriSam LuscriBill & Jeanette Crozier Fr.Mark Swanson Vincent & Julia Mietlicki William & Wanda KauzlarichJoe & David KauzlarichLarry & Loretta SchraderFrank LuscriJo Ann TruebloodRaymond & Janice WadleFrank WadleBernard & Carolina WadleTheresa & Blake CainThanks so much. Fran

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