Thank God for the Eucharist!

Our first all-parish monthly faith formation event offers something for everyone! It’s from 9 to 10:15 a.m. next Sunday, Nov. 21, in our parish hall. This is learning for learners of all ages and will touch all of your senses.

You’ll smell and taste fresh-baked bread!

You’ll hear (and sing, if you want) favorite songs about the Eucharist.

You’ll get to ring those bells we hear at Mass (and learn what’s going on then that is so important).

You’ll view beautiful artwork about the Eucharist and, if you wish, create your own.

You’ll learn the plain English meaning of lots of churchy words and terms like “real presence,” “transubstantiation,” “epiclesis” and, yes, “Eucharist.”

You’ll get to touch and hold special items we use at Mass.

You’ll learn connections between Eucharist and another upcoming feast, Thanksgiving!, as well as the season of Advent.

Fun games for younger kids and a brainer quiz to challenge older minds

And for a special sensation, you can spend time with Jesus in adoration.

All this, and plenty more fun ways to learn about and love the Eucharist. Drop in anytime before Mass, but be sure to come early if you want some warm bread!

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